Fakhr Un Nisa received her M.A in Mass Communication from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, and is currently working as a resource person at the Directorate of Staff Development, Lahore. She works on the curriculum of English Communication and Lesson Planning for English and Science. Furthermore, she conducts training sessions for master trainers on communication skills and andragogy. She has previously worked with a number of organizations such as USAID, Society for Advancement of Education [SAHE] and Idara-e-Talim-o-Agahi [ITA] as consultant, researcher and trainer, respectively.

She also has several years of experience training English language teachers in different school systems of Punjab, including St. Mary’s Convent High School Multan, Al Huda Public School System, Multan, as well as Sheikh Zaid Public School. She is an alumna of the prestigious Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute [PELI] at Plymouth State University, USA.