Farah Shah

Farah Shah has an M.A. in Economics from Government College University, Lahore. She has taught Economics for twenty years both at the high school and undergraduate level. As an education manager, she has run high school programmes in the private sector and managed projects in state schools for education NGOs.

In her teaching career, Farah Shah has been lecturer of Economics at Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, and Lahore College University. Her forte is teaching Ordinary and Advanced levels Economics which she has taught both at the Lahore Grammar School and the Learning Alliance. Although her students routinely perform well in their examinations, she is deeply committed to helping them understand the relevance of economics to real life.

As an education manager Farah Shah has a broad range of experience. She set up the A levels program for Lahore Grammar School in Islamabad. She was also the first Head of Economics at Learning Alliance, Lahore. In the area of public sector education, she coordinated the Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Pakistan [CRRP] project for Idara–e-Taleem–o-Agahi [TA] an education NGO working across Pakistan. Funded by the Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA], the purpose of the project was to develop modules for incorporation of human rights education in the local primary school curriculum. She has also volunteered as a teacher in underprivileged schools and organised professional development workshops for teachers.