Dr. Rabia Ali

Rabia Ali is co-publisher and editor at The Pamphleteer’s Press, an independent small press based in Connecticut, USA, publishing books on topical issues in politics, history and culture. She is also a volunteer tutor at New Haven Reads, a non-profit organisation that provides free after-school support to break the cycle of illiteracy among underprivileged children.

In Pakistan she worked as a primary school teacher at the Lahore Grammar School and taught A-Levels History and World Politics at Aitchison College, Lahore.  She has also worked on several research projects for non-governmental organisations on the social and economic conditions under which women in Pakistan live and work. She is the author of a special report, The Dark Side of ‘Honour’, commissioned by Shirkat Gah, on the custom of honour killings.

She received her undergraduate education at Kinnaird College, Lahore, and Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and a PhD in Politics from the University of Cambridge