Tauseef Hyat

Tauseef Hyat is an educator specializing in early child hood education. She is also a highly skilled education manager and leader focusing on building and strengthening institutions in the private sector that provide education to underprivileged children. She has a diploma in Montessori Teaching and an M.A. in Educational Studies from the United Kingdom. She set up a pioneering preschool in Lahore in the late seventies, introducing the concept of learning through play and nurturing creativeness among young children. She founded Toy Crafts, a manufacturing outfit dedicated to making educational aids and creative toys for young children that are also culturally relevant as they are made for the Pakistani child. She has taught courses and facilitated professional development workshops on early childhood education.

In the role of a senior education manager, she was part of the founding team that helped set up the Ali Institute of Education, Lahore, one of the first private sector teaching institutes to promote excellence in teaching at primary levels. She served as Assistant Director of the Ali Institute from 1990 to 1993. She was also the first executive director (2001–2009) of Developments in Literacy [DIL], a USA funded organization which supports community schools, mostly in remote rural areas, with the objective of providing access to quality education, especially for girls.