Professional Development Workshops

Training of Trainers Idara-Taleem-o-Agahi

Learning Pathways conducted a two day workshop in multan for Idara-taleem-o-aagahi (ITA) for their master trainers working with the government school teachers all over Pakistan . The lead facilitator for learning pathways was Beena Raza.

Stream Table Inquiry Workshop for School Teachers from Swat Idara Taleem -o-Agahi

A two day workshop on inquiry based science for Idara Taleem-o-Agahi (ITA). The participants were middle to high school male teachers from Government schools in Swat. The lead facilitator was Dr. Rafia Ali.

Lahore Launch Professional Development Workshop for Schools and NGOs

Learning Pathways launched one of its flagship professional development programs, INQUIRY BASED MATH & SCIENCE EDUCATION for elementary and secondary level teachers belonging to various institutions of Lahore and Rawalpindi . The particpant institutions were both elite and non elite schools like Lahore Grammar School , LACAS, The Learning Alliance , Umeed School , Institute for Professional Learning , Sanjan Nagar Trust school and a few others .

Khaldunia High School- Innovative Approaches to Education

Khaldunia High School- Innovative Approaches to Education

Karachi Launch Professional Development Workshop for schools and NGOs

Learning Pathways launched its flagship program 'Inquiry Based Learning' in Karachi. The two day workshop was held at the Indus Academy. The event was attended by teachers from various schools, fellows and coordinators from Teach for Pakistan and Sindh Education Foundation. It was an exciting collaboration between LP and the Indus Academy to promote new methods and approaches to bring science into classrooms.

Fundamentals of Inquiry Aitchision College Lahore

A series of five day workshop was conducted by Learning Pathways for elementary and secondary level science educators at Aitchison College, Lahore. The purpose of the workshop was to expose the teachers to an inquiry and questioning mode of teaching and learning in the classrooms. Deep immersion into scientific method and experiments were a highly enriching experience for all the participants.

Integrating Inquiry Methods into the Primary Science Curriculum Lahore Grammar School

A two day Inquiry Science workshop was held for Lahore Grammar School (LGS) elementary teachers. LP customized this professional development activity to the school's needs and context. The participants who attended the workshop were from LGS Defence, different branches in Lahore and other cities. Dr. Rafia Ali conducted this two day session.